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Shortline Suzuki's automotive expertise is a product of our sustained interest in industry trends and characteristics. We are privileged to share the latest news, promotions and events with you and hope the information will enhance your shopping experience. As you know, there are many new cars from which to choose, and we believe an informed customer is the best customer.
Car Repairs You Should Not Ignore

MSN recently came out with an article on the car repairs no one should ignore.

Some Things to Know About Suzuki

With Suzuki Autos going away from the American market there are many questions people have this Kelly Blue Book
article helps answer many of those questions including the fact that parts will still be available and Suzuki will still honor the 7 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty.

Consumer Reports Has a Lot of Great things to Say About Suzuki

The current issue of Consumer Reports has a lot of great things to say about Suzuki.  They include: SX4 as one of the "best vehicles under $25,00;  SX4 above average used car reliability from 2002-2012.  The SX4 is listed as a standout small wagon/hatchback.  The Grand Vitara is listed as having "best emergency handling SUV", and as a "standout small SUV".  The Kizashi is listed as a "standout family entry level sedan."  Be sure to check out Consumer reports for more on all Suzuki models that are sold here at Shortline Suzuki.